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Poultry Watering: Understanding pH

You’re probably aware of the importance of pH, especially when talking about watering systems and treatments. But how well do you really understand it? pH is the abbreviation of “power of hydrogen” (the ‘H’ is capitalized because it represents the element symbol of hydrogen, and it is standard to capitalize those). pH measures the hydrogen […]

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How-To: Clean & Maintain A Water Line

So many factors can affect the quality of poultry flock, but water is the most important. It’s easy to take for granted, especially in areas where water quality isn’t a daily concern. Drinkable quality and high quality are not the same, though. Paying close attention to the quality of the water will always result in […]

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Poly belt care for cleaner eggs

Recently, there have been many food recalls due to contamination such as e.coli and Salmonella. Controlling the spread of these diseases – to consumers and to other flocks – requires a careful cleaning and disinfecting program through every step of the rearing process. Every farm has its own checklist of chores to complete in between […]

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Litter Management to Improve Flock Health

The reduction in antibiotic use in poultry farming requires a reduction in bacteria and pathogens that birds are exposed to. One way to do this is to tighten biosecurity. Another method is to improve litter management. Modern poultry farming often uses bedding for repetitive flocks. Chickens shed bacteria in their excrement, exposing subsequent flocks to […]

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The Face of Animal Agriculture

The agriculture industry faces a lot of controversy. Some animal rights groups actively spread hate and fear to often unknowledgeable consumers, and depict animal agriculture in a bad light. We are farmers. We care about our animals. We give them the best life possible. We are not that which they wrongly depict us to be. […]

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Grower Spotlight: Bryan Essex

Bryan is the Owner/Operator of 8 broiler barns in northwest Arkansas. His farm has been in operation for just about two years and has just finished its 10th flock. Every single flock has finished in the top 3, and he attributes his success to the VAL-CO system. Each of his 46×520 houses are equipped with […]

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Manage Farm Stress Using Mindfulness

I don’t have to tell you that a life in agriculture is not always an easy one. Mornings are early. Nights are late. The work is dirty, often thankless. You’re a nutritionist. A veterinarian. An accountant. A mechanic. An electrician. A maid. And some days, nothing seems to go right. But it’s ok. You’ve got […]

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Feeding Frenzy: Developing Healthy Appetites

Four important factors play into a successful brooding period. Temperature, air quality, water, and feed are all necessary to give baby birds the best jump start in life. It’s easy to focus too much on temperature, after all, day old chicks lack the ability to maintain their body temperature on their own. But the modern-day […]

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Seasonal Challenges – Summer Heat Slideshow

Summer heat can be stressful. Learn how to handle it here.       Subscribe to our blog!

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