Nesting systems give hens a place to lay their eggs for easy collection. Through research, experience, trial and error, we have developed a high-quality nesting experience for your breeder hens. The larger openings are more inviting to birds who enjoy a little privacy and the laying substrate is soft and pliable, to invite hens into the nest. Our Comfort Nest and Freedom Community Nest systems have proven to reduce floor eggs and improve hatchability.

Freedom™ Flat-top Community Nest

The Freedom Flat-top Community Nest is designed for worker convenience and bird comfort.

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Liberty I Aviary Colony Nest

An open concept nest that is roomy and inviting to hens. The laying area is made more attractive thanks to comfortable nesting pads and the dark enclosed area, where hens find both freedom and privacy.

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Mechanical Nests Side Belt & Center Belt Automated Nests

Side Belt Mechanical Nests are designed to provide hens with the most privacy and comfort while still keeping eggs as clean as possible.

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Conventional Nests 10- & 12-Hole

VAL-CO conventional nests  are easy to assemble, have snug-fitting, removable galvanized bottoms, and have hinged perches for nest closeout, helping to keep your birds out of the nest.

Also great for backyard flocks!

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