Climate Control








Aurora IR™ Brooder

This low profile brooder offers a consistent heat pattern when used for brooding and allows more head room for equipment when not in use.


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Heat-Rite™ Radiant Brooders

VAL-CO Radiant Brooders use infrared heating technology to quickly and efficiently warm the floor and birds rather than wasting heat on the air above the brooding area.


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Heat-Rite™ VES-U45

A long-lasting, durable heater for cost-effective climate control.


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Heat-Rite™ ES – Single and U-Tube

A long-lasting, durable heater for cost-effective climate control available in two styles.


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Heat-Rite™ VM Modulating Tube Heat

Balance thermal and radiant heat to efficiently heat barn and floor.


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Gasolec Pen Radiant Heaters

Durable stainless steel pen heaters direct warmth towards the floor and piglets.


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HI/LOW Gas Panel

The HI/LOW Gas Panel ensures the most economical and efficient use of gas and allows flexibility in controlling animal heat zones.


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Pulse-Width Modulating Gas Valve

Learns the specific characteristics of each gas system in order to make intelligent decisions on how much to adjust the pressure the maintain the target temperature.


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PolAIR™ High Pressure Fogging System

The PolAIR High Pressure Fog System is the most efficient and most requested cooling system from VAL-CO. A great addition in larger houses that need additional cooling.


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PolAIR™ Oasis™ Pad Cooling System

Evaporative pad cooling improves bird comfort during hot summers. The proprietary VAL-CO system makes maintenance quick and simple.


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