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Greenhouse ventilation is important for happy, healthy plants. Good ventilation works to regulate temperatures. It provides fresh air, important for photosynthesis. It prevents pest infestations and it encourages pollination.


Plants emit heat as they photosynthesize. Under-ventilated plants can quickly become too warm and cause wilting, reduced growth, or death.

Fresh Air

Plants require carbon dioxide to photosynthesize. Greenhouses require fresh air to enter the house, often through planned vents. Circulation fans ensure that all the plants get the air they need.


Bugs do come inside! Especially if the greenhouse is too warm or still. Good air movement keeps them at bay.


Wind is a natural pollinator, but inside the greenhouse, wind needs to be manufactured. Moving air will gently shake plants, allowing them to pollinate and grow sturdy stems and root systems.

Greenhouse ventilation can be optimized with exhaust fans, circulation fans, and evaporative cooling. Exhaust fans can help move heat out of the building and introduce fresh air. They can be used with an evaporative cooling system during warm months to bring the temperatures down. To ensure all the plants in the building are benefitting from the environment, circulation fans will mix and move the air.