Variable Speed V-Fan

The V-Fan



The VAL-CO V-Fan is a variable speed, direct drive fan that provides higher total CFM at full speed as well as remarkably high CFM/Watt measurements at low speeds. It’s more efficient to use a 54” V-Fan running at low speed than a standard 36” fan running at full speed. A 54” V-Fan at 50% speed can move 13,400 CFM at .05” SP while achieving 53.8 CFM/Watt. That is more than a 300% increase in efficiency!

Features & Benefits

  • Delivers high CFM at top speeds
  • Provides high CFM/Watt at low speeds
  • Direct drive motor means less maintenance
  • Available in 1-Phase and 3-Phase, 200-230V input options.

Available sizes

  • 54″
  • 50″
  • 36″

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