Greenhouse Air Circulation

Circulation ensures all plants receive high-quality air. The ideal cross-breeze travels at 2-3 mph. This constant air circulation will provide carbon dioxide to all corners of the house. In addition, it helps to balance the temperature and humidity, ensuring an even growing environment.

Air circulation does more than just influence the environment. Wind is a natural pollinator. A gentle breeze shakes the plants to move pollen around the house, fertilizing the plants. This moving air will ruffle leaves and create stronger plants with strong root systems. They are more resilient against pests like white flies and aphids, which find it difficult to thrive in such an environment.

Circulations Fans


Hemisphere Mixing Fan

The Hemisphere Mixing Fan works to quietly and evenly distribute the air throughout the house. The fan works by drawing air up from the floor and pushing it out towards the walls to decrease drafts and gusts over the birds.


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Hemisphere Z-Pro Fan

The Hemisphere Z-Pro is designed to reduce temperature stratification in layer, pullet, and floor bird houses.


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Circulating Fans 

VAL-CO Air Circulation Fans reduce air stratification and lower heating costs.


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