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Seasonal Challenges – Summer Heat Slideshow

Summer heat can be stressful. Learn how to handle it here.   [slideshare id=99983777&doc=seasonalchallengesheatstressppt-180601203313]     Subscribe to our blog!

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Best Management Practices for Broiler Brooding

If you haven’t seen it already, the Chicken Farmers of Ontario recently released a short video detailing some Best Management Practices of broiler brooding. Throughout the video, Dr. Scott Gillingham stresses the importance of stockmanship, biosecurity, and attention to detail. We’ll summarize some of his main points below, but strongly encourage you to check out […]

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Brooding Healthy Birds – A Pre-Placement Checklist

Chicks are dependent on their environment to survive the early days of life. Because they cannot regulate their own body temperature, they require a warm brood chamber and easy access to food and water. The down feathers on chicks offer poor insulation and they will quickly lose heat through radiation (to the air), conduction (contact […]

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2017 – A Year in Review

As 2017 comes to a close, we’d like to reflect on how far we have come this past year. In 2017, we saw the launch of our freshly-updated website, and along with that, we also started this blog. It’s been a rewarding, but challenging, learning experience as we work to come up with new topics […]

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10 Interesting Facts about Chicken Vision

Whether in commercial flocks or backyard coops, chickens are endlessly fascinating. While we might never understand what all those quirky head nods mean, we can get a better sense of how chickens see the world with these 10 interesting facts about chicken vision. A chicken’s eyes are about 10% the entire mass of its head. […]

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