Without Water, Everything Withers

Chicken Basics…It Pays to go Green

Without Water, everything withers…

The watering system in a poultry house is one of, if not the, most important pieces needed to ensure you have a good, healthy flock. With the recent pandemic event, a lot of us have flocked (pun intended) to various stores to purchase good, clean water to ensure that we not only have adequate water for consumption, but also plenty of it. We all know how crucial water is for our bodies, so we take the necessary steps to make sure we can “check” that off our “to do list” when it comes to preparing for this current state of reality.

A chicken’s need is no different. Well, with the exception that they can’t just “flock” to the local store to purchase what they need. They are solely relying on us taking care of that need and “checking” the box for them. And that need starts with having the right system to deliver that product (water) at a precise level. Us buying more water than we need at the store gives us the same result as a watering nipple that puts out too much water. It’s just being wasteful and creates a mess, which can lead to numerous other issues. With our VAL-CO watering options, such as our Roaster and PFA, you can rest assured that your birds will be given the correct amount of water needed, each and every day. Just remember to keep that regulator adjusted.

Now, let’s talk about quality, because a precise distribution of the product (water) is only half of the battle. Making sure water quality is the highest possible is just as important. Testing your water is certainly a great place to start. You’ll see what minerals and potential contaminants you may be up against. This will help you decide what direction you need to go (more extensive filtration, chlorination system, etc.) to deliver great quality water. Also, make sure to start our “between flock sanitation” of your lines early and often to ensure scale and bacteria growth is eliminated/reduced.

So, remember, by giving the birds the best quality and correct amount of water, you will be well on your way to producing a good, healthy flock of birds and maximizing your returns. In short, it just pays to go “GREEN”.


Trey Martin
Midwest Poultry Sales Manager
Val-co Companies, Inc.


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