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VAL-CO Watering Systems

Water is the key ingredient to growing a healthy flock of birds. We pride ourselves in manufacturing the preferred poultry watering system; we revolutionized the poultry industry with our nipple drinker technology, and have remained the industry leader ever since. Our extensive line of Roasters, Quenchers, and PFAs, guarantee that you have the perfect drinker for every flock.

Val Nipple Drinkers are held to the tightest tolerances in the industry. Precision-machined parts are turned in our ISO-9001 Certified screw manufacturing facility. This means your floors stay drier, your birds stay healthier, and they still receive just the exact right amount of water every time they activate the trigger pin.

Read The Ultimate Watering Guide to learn all you need to know about using and caring for your Val Watering System.

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Roaster poultry watering system


Our Premium line of drinkers, the Roasters (VR150 series), are all machined on CNC or Swiss Screw Machines out of a harder stainless steel material than the Quencher models. The Roasters have a bigger trigger pin that resists wear and holds 300% more water than the VBL 150 Broiler Drinker.

The VBL 150 Broiler Drinker is made through the same machining process with the same materials, but designed for broilers and smaller birds.


PFA, or Precision Feather Action, models have all the value of the standard Roaster but with feather-light side action, where even the slightest touch produces water flow. Available on Roasters and Quenchers.


Our Value drinkers, the Quenchers, are designed to the same tolerances as the Roasters, but made with more cost effective materials, giving you the same great performance at a more economic price.



The Aqua-V nipple drinker is the next big thing in watering. Developed for the cage-free layer market, it’s ideal for use in convertible and aviary systems. Made of precision machined stainless steel, the Aqua-V is offered in standard and high-flow variants. It offers all of the precision quality you expect from world-famous VAL-CO nipple drinkers, in a bright new color.

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Watering Accessories – Regulators, Standpipes, Intakes Regulators

Our series of regulators can fit a variety of needs:

  • VR202 is designed for floor birds
  • VR203 is designed to attach to the middle of larger house watering lines
  • VR204 is an adjustable slope regulator designed for use in barns with downward sloping lines
  • VR205 is an adjustable regulator designed to level the peaks of a pump-driven watering line
  • VR209 is an inline regulator that helps maintain stable pressure throughout a sloped line in floor-bird houses


Rigid, flex, or folding standpipes allow you to choose the best for your farm.

All standpipes now come with the TruSeal™ Standpipe Cap! The TruSeal is able to “breathe” air, but not leak water. The new cap can inhale or exhale the required amount of air as the pressure in the drinker line changes, but seals against water when the drinker lines are flushed, helping prevent messy water spills.


EZ Flush Intake makes water line flushing easy and clean. With 3/4” hose and openings, the EZ Flush Intake can clear larger debris from your pipe. The VAL-CO EZ Flush Intake works with all of our standard diaphragm regulators. An optional solenoid enables automatic flushing.

turkey watering system

BigTom™ Turkey Cup

Eliminate the need to have multiple systems available during the lifetime of your flock. The BigTom provides enough water to meet the needs of birds of all ages, while still maintaining dry litter conditions.


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turkey watering system

TurkeyMAX Bell Drinker

Provide a reservoir of fresh drinking water for the birds all across the house.


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Hog Drinkers Nursery, Wean-to-Finish, & Finisher Cups

By providing just the right amount of water, VAL-CO drinkers reduce spillage by as much as 40%.


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