Ventra XT

Ventra XT


Ventra XT

The Ventra XT uses our most advanced logic to give you the best control in today’s modern barns. The XT can control variable heaters, VFD fans, and variable lights to help growers get the most efficiency out of their farms. Connect to carbon monoxide, ammonia, and carbon dioxide sensors for perfect indoor conditions, and control humidity with the optional Heat Purge to remove moisture. Remote access capable through VLink software.

Features & Benefits

  • 7″ intuitive touch screen
  • Increased history logging for better data tracking
  • 24 analog inputs, 12 analog outputs
  • Variable control logic
  • Remote access through VLink

The Smart VX Expansion Station

The Smart VX Expansion Station expands the capabilities of your controller. Innovative relay design incorporates built-in current sensing to provide real-time feedback of motor amps (true RMS amps)

On-board processors permit tracking curtain and inlet movement even when manually overwritten with the on-board switches. A built-in relay controls fans, curtain machines, and feedlines.

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