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Hemisphere Mixing Fan

The Hemisphere Mixing Fan works to quietly and evenly distribute the air throughout the house. The fan works by drawing air up from the floor and pushing it out towards the walls to decrease drafts and gusts over the birds. You’ll get a more uniform temperature across the house. Available in 48″ or 72″ diameters.

Hemisphere Smoke Test

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48″ Directional Hemisphere

The Directional Hemisphere is designed to operate in sync with sidewall inlets to reduce temperature stratification in layer, pullet, and floor bird houses. As houses become increasingly wide, adequate mixing through negative ventilation alone becomes more difficult. The Directional Hemisphere mixes the warm house air with fresh incoming air without creating drafts across the birds. Directional shroud diverts air towards the center of the house.

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HyperMAX™ Fiberglass Fans Available in 36″, 50″ and 54″

VAL-CO HyperMAX Fiberglass fans are constructed with a corrosion-resistant, molded fiberglass housing. Using new technology in computer-aided design, the orifice, blade, cone and motor combinations optimize the use of the motor’s power curve. An auto belt tensioner reduces maintenance. The motors have sealed ball bearing and thermal overload protection. With higher cubic feet per minute (CFM) and CFM/Watt per fan, producers need fewer fans per house to achieve the desired air moving capacity. Exhaust cones are available in fiberglass or poly.

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HyperMAX Sable™ Fan

The black interior of the Sable Fan cuts the amount of light that is reflected into the barn by 23%. The white exterior helps to cut down on the heat build-up which will extend the life of the fan components. Flock consistency is regulated when all birds are on the same lighting schedule.

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HyperMAX Galvanized Fan

HyperMAX Galvanized Fans Available in 36″, 48″, and 54″

VAL-CO HyperMAX Galvanized fans utilize a rugged box frame design made of the highest quality galvanized steel for quiet operation and durability. The energy-efficient motors with sealed ball bearings and thermal overload protection are manufactured to exacting specifications to smoothly integrate with our unique four-point motor mount design which minimizes air restriction and creates a vibration-free performance. The die formed spider twist blades are dynamically spin-balanced. Full 1″-diameter drive shaft with corrosial resistant coating is square keyed for non-slip operation. Industrial grade bearings are sealed, pillow-blocked, keyed, greasable, and self-aligning. Shutters are available in black or white PVC or aluminum. Motor options include 50 Hz or 60 Hz and various operating voltages.

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HyperMAX Galvanized Damper Fans Available in 48″ and 54″

VAL-CO HyperMAX Galvanized Damper fans feature all of the top performing features of the standard galvanized fans with an added damper to allow more control over airflow through the house.

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HyperMAX Z-Fan™

The Z-Fan is made from a proprietary blended coating that is more resistant to corrosion than galvanized steel.


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FG Fan

Power Miser Direct Drive Fans

The VAL-CO Power Miser Fan Series uses a unique four-point stainless steel motor mount design that provides minimum air restriction and quiet fan operation.


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Circulating Fans 

VAL-CO Air Circulation Fans reduce air stratification and lower heating costs.


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AccuFlow™ Inlet

The latest in aerofoil technology design throws air to the center of the building for even air distribution across the width of the building.


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Framed Inlet Doors 

The all vinyl construction has foam insulated doors, flexible door seals, and a full-length polymer hinge. The door and seal direct air up along the ceiling for smooth air circulation. Available in 12-inch lengths, custom lengths, or continuous 8-foot sections (designed to run the length of the house).

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Tunnel Inlet Doors

These doors have seven times the insulation value of curtains and effectively reduce cold zones during winter that cause increased heating costs. The doors are meant to be installed continuously but can also be installed individually between knee braces. The continuous hinge is reinforced with stainless steel, the doors have internal wooden stiffeners for reinforcement, and an extra large continuous seal along the top eliminates drafts.

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Ceiling Inlets Power-Flo Ceiling Inlet

The Power-Flo Ceiling Inlet is operated by a power actuator and regulated by the ventilation control program. It controls air velocity and volume according to fan speeds and temperature. The unique “Biflo” design creates draft-free air distribution throughout the confinement area. Made of seamless rotationally-molded polyethylene. Available in 1400 or 2700 cfm sizes. Includes control cords, hardware, and insulstop.

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Natural Flow Chimneys

The Natural Flow Chimney has a one-piece molded polyethylene dome and insulated mechanical operating damper that creates an “air by design” exhaust system.


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ATLAS™ Curtain Machine

The newly redesigned weather-resistant ATLAS Ball-screw and Acme-screw models are available in 24-, 36-, 48-, and 72-inch sizes with a 220V, 60/50Hz, 1PH motor for domestic and international use. Acme-screw models are also available with 110V, 60/50Hz, 1PH motor. Each model includes local control switches, greasable needle bearing pulleys, helical gears, safety features to prevent over-run damage, polymer thread block (acme-screw models only), and up to a 4,000 pound capacity.

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SafeTRAC GEN III Indoor Curtain Machine

The SafeTRAC Gen III Indoor Curtain Machine Acme-screw models are available in 24-,36-,48-, and 72-inch sizes with a 110/220V, 60/50Hz, 1PH motor for domestic and international use. Each model includes greasable needle pulleys, helical gears, safety features to prevent over-run damage, polymer thread block, and up to a 4,000 pound capacity. Additional options include a swivel chain and sprocket to replace pulleys, local control switches, 10-turn potentiometer feedback kit, and interlock switch to operate associated equipment.

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Light Trap

The VAL-CO light trap significantly reduces incoming light from fans and inlet openings without affecting airflow.


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