Liberty I Aviary Colony Nest

colony nest

The VAL-CO Liberty One Aviary Colony Nesting System is designed to make birds comfortable going into an open nest to lay eggs. The larger nest holes and nest pads are inviting to the birds which helps prevent floor eggs and leads to greater output of high-quality eggs. Ventilation holes in the partitions help provide an ideal environment. An expeller pushes birds out when necessary to aid in keeping the nest pads clean and help prevent broodiness.

Features & Benefits

  • Nest measures 48″ x 48″ (121.9 cm x 121.9 cm) with belt running through center
  • Houses 100 birds – 50 per side
  • 7 degree pitch on nest floor to roll eggs to the belt
  • 12″ belt provides ample space for eggs to reduce cracking
  • Black curtains create private nesting area and prevent pecking at eggs
  • Perforated nest pads enhance egg cleanliness

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