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Freedomâ„¢ Flat-top Community Nest

The Freedom Flat-top Community Nest is designed for worker convenience and bird comfort.

  • Perches line the top of the nest.
  • Perforated mats keep eggs clean.
  • A gentle expeller prevents brooding.
  • Nest can be used high-rise or a floor mounted installations.

Available in center-belt configurations.

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Mechanical Nests Side Belt Automated Nests

Side Belt Mechanical Nests are designed to provide hens with the most privacy and comfort while still keeping eggs as clean as possible.

  • The double-wide entrance is more accommodating to today’s larger birds;
  • The egg guard makes sure that the eggs are laid in the right area so that they roll to the belt;
  • The poly belt doesn’t harbor bacteria and is easy to clean so that eggs stay cleaner during transport;
  • The automatic closing system reduces the need to house walk through and keeps the birds out of the nest at night.

Center Belt Automated Nests

Center Belt Mechanical Nests feature a gently sloped floor to prevent eggs from cracking when rolling on to the belt. The perches are hinged to be easily closed. The steep roof and anti-roost guard work together to keep birds from roosting on top of the nest.

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Conventional Nests 10- & 12-Hole

VAL-CO conventional nests are available with 10 or 12 bird compartments. They are easy to assemble, have snug-fitting, removable galvanized bottoms, and have hinged perches for nest closeout, helping to keep your birds out of the nest.

Also great for backyard flocks!

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