Oasis Pad Cooling

Oasis™ Pad Cooling

Oasis Pad Cooling systems offer efficient evaporative cooling. The raised ribbed pad tray keeps the pad elevated above drain holes to increase the life of the pad. The trough drains completely and has a full 18″ clean-out for easy maintenance. Install the pad cooling system offset from the wall or flush onto the wall.

Features & Benefits

  • Raised ribbed pad tray keeps pad elevated above drain holes
  • 100% drainage with no tray spillover
  • Quick connect coupler for quick installation
  • Full 18″ cleanout for easy maintenance


  • Extended – allows pad material to be offset from the wall by 10″
  • Flush – direct installation onto the wall
  • Open-top

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Nothing gets in it, no air leaks around it, and holes don’t clog up, because it’s self contained. So once fresh water is in there, it works flawlessly.” 

Jay Goodman

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