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Aurora IR™ Brooder

The Aurora IR Brooder is designed to offer the same consistent heat pattern as our standard brooder, but with a significantly lower profile. At just 10.8 inches in total height, the Aurora allows more headroom in your barn, main git easier to maneuver equipment around the house between flocks. It has a heat output of 40,000 BTUs/hr, the 34″ canopy is available in aluminum or galvanized, and it ships fully assembled for quick installation.


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Heat-Rite™ Radiant Brooders

VAL-CO Radiant Brooders use infrared heating technology to quickly and efficiently warm the floor and birds rather than wasting heat on the air above the brooding area.

  • Always lights with patent-pending horizontal pilots and surround-shield protection.
  • The unique horizontal pilot allows the brooder to stay lit with less gas.
  • 34″ (86 cm) canopy and 40,000 BTU/Hr (10,100 k/cal).

Uses liquid propane or natural gas. Ignition options include the horizontal pilot, vertical pilot, or pilot-free direct spark.

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Heat-Rite™ ES – Single and U-Tube

The Heat-Rite ES tube heater is an economical unitary infrared heater. It produces a comfortable, even heat pattern throughout the space improving livestock performance while reducing fuel consumption. The wide-pattern reflector increases the radiant spread for even heating. The sealed control housing with durable components provides long lasting performance and low maintenance.

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Heat-Rite™ VM Modulating Tube Heat

Modulation controls the burn and blower rate for maximum efficiency. By controlling both fuel and combustion air, modulating tube heaters balance radiant and thermal heat to produce the precise temperature you want. Flexible design options and a broad range of burner sizes and tube lengths are available. Natural gas or liquid propane styles are available.

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Gasolec Pen Radiant Heater

Gasolec Pen Radiant Heaters are constructed of stainless steel and can withstand high pressure washouts and reasonable abuse. There are no moving parts so the heaters are low-maintenance and easy to service. The infrared heat directs the warmth towards the floor and livestock, instead of heating the entire house, in order to reduce fuel costs. Available in propane and natural gas.

 M3 & M2


Max BTU/hr: 5,425

Max Watt/hr: 1,500


Max BTU/hr: 3,450

Max Watt/hr: 1,000

M8 & M5


Max BTU/hr: 17,200

Max Watt/hr: 5,000


Max BTU/hr: 10,850

Max Watt/hr: 5,000

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HI/LOW Gas Panel

The HI/LOW Gas Panel ensures the most economical and efficient use of gas and allows flexibility in controlling animal heat zones. In the case of power failure, the panel can be manually controlled until power is restored. Control two acuated hi/low zones and a sick pen; each hi/low zone has a separate pressure regulator for the high and low settings. Each bank is rated at 275,000 BTUs for a total of 550,000 BTUs for the panel. No adjustment is necessary is high fire regulators because they are preset to 4.5psi and actuated by the environmental control settings. Low fire regulators can be adjusted to the desired minimum heat setting depending on the environmental conditions. The sick pen regulator can be adjusted to the correct pressure to achieve the desired operating temperature. The manual valve must be opened in order for the system to function.

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Pulse-Width Modulating Gas Valve

The gas valve can be operated with simple on/off thermostats, analog voltage control, or output channel fron an environmental controller. The gas will automatically shut off in the event of power loss and automatically compensate for fluctuations in the line pressure. A status indicator runs self-diagnostic monitoring while learning the specific characteristics of each gas system in order to make intelligent decisions on how much to adjust the pressure the maintain the target temperature. Can easily retrofit existing installations.


PolAIR™ High Pressure Fogging System

The PolAIR High Pressure Fog System is the most efficient and most requested cooling system from VAL-CO. With operational pressures of 1000 to 1500 PSI (6.89 to 10.34 MPa), the system atomizes water into a fine mist that evaporates on contact with the air to effectively reduce temperature. These systems are individually configured to fit your needs.

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PolAIR™ EZ-Cool™ Pad Cooling System

This proprietary system uses a unique raised ribbed pad tray, molded directly into the trough to keep the pad elevated above the drain holes. This allows 100% drainage with no spill-over from the tray. The quick-connect coupler reduces installation time and the 8-inch clean-out makes maintenance a breeze.

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PolAIR™ EZ-Cool™ Open Top Pad Cooling System

The PolAIR EZ-Cool Open Top has all the functionality of the EZ-Cool System with an open top feature that allows you to easily check the water volume without needing to lift or remove any components. The EZ-Cool Open Top can be installed flush on the side of the house or with an extended kit.