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PolAIR™ High Pressure Fogging System

The PolAIR High Pressure Fog System is the most efficient and most requested cooling system from VAL-CO. With operational pressures of 1000 to 1500 PSI (6.89 to 10.34 MPa), the system atomizes water into a fine mist that evaporates on contact with the air to effectively reduce temperature. These systems are individually configured to fit your needs.

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PolAIR™ EZ-Cool™ Pad Cooling System

This proprietary system uses a unique raised ribbed pad tray, molded directly into the trough to keep the pad elevated above the drain holes. This allows 100% drainage with no spill-over from the tray. The quick-connect coupler reduces installation time and the 8-inch clean-out makes maintenance a breeze.

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PolAIR™ EZ-Cool™ Open Top Pad Cooling System

The PolAIR EZ-Cool Open Top has all the functionality of the EZ-Cool System with an open top feature that allows you to easily check the water volume without needing to lift or remove any components. The EZ-Cool Open Top can be installed flush on the side of the house or with an extended kit.