Grower Spotlight: Bryan Essex

Bryan is the Owner/Operator of 8 broiler barns in northwest Arkansas. His farm has been in operation for just about two years and has just finished its 10th flock. Every single flock has finished in the top 3, and he attributes his success to the VAL-CO system.

Each of his 46×520 houses are equipped with the Fuze ProLine 14”, 14-spoke feed pan, the Quencher nipple drinkers, and 54” galvanized damper fans. For him, choosing VAL-CO was a no-brainer. “I saw feed trial after feed trial of the VAL-CO Fuze ProLine feeder out-performing the competition. I just wouldn’t consider anything else.” And so far, it hasn’t failed him. Bryan has consistently finished on top with high weights, great feed conversion, and impressive daily gains.

Bryan got his start in poultry after completing his degree in Poultry Science at Texas A&M University. He has a full-circle view of the poultry industry. He started his career in processing, and then moved into live production as a breeder and pullet technician. He worked in poultry house construction for a bit, followed by three years as a VAL-CO sales representative, and is currently working for an animal health distribution company.

For biosecurity purposes, Bryan limits his time at the farm, and instead relies heavily on the expertise of his farm manager. He chose to outfit his house with equipment he knew would be easy to manage, so that more time could be spent focusing on the birds.

He says the key to success is two-fold: have a great system; spend time with your birds. “If you take a great system like VAL-CO and couple it with good management, you’re going to see the results we’re seeing.” Know your system, how it works, and how you can make it work for you. And know your birds. Know their eating and drinking habits and double check their environment. If you think you have tried everything, or you are looking for advice, call your VAL-CO rep. They are personable, professional, knowledgeable poultrymen and they are there to help you succeed.


This article originally appeared in AgSpeak Magazine – Fall 2017.