Freedom Community Nest

Freedomâ„¢ Community Nest

community nest

The Freedom Community Nest is designed with bird comfort in mind. Its open space is inviting to hens, encouraging nest use and resulting in fewer floor eggs. The snap-together design makes for quick, easy assembly. Nest pads have larger holes to keep eggs away from contaminants, resulting in cleaner, safer eggs.

Features & Benefits

  • Prevent brooding hens with the gentle expeller
  • Nest pads with larger holes and a gentle sloped floor yields cleaner eggs
  • Snap-together design for quick assembly requiring minimal tools


  • Available in flat top, shingle top, or hinge top

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“Around 3 years ago, I decided to join forces with my father and brother to tackle a new product for the fresh egg market. Ducks were a bit different in the commercial layer arena and there wasn’t really any domestic equipment engineered for such a barn. We decided on the VAL-CO Community Nest System and Slatted flooring to tackle the effort. In our modified breeder barn, the VAL-CO equipment has performed perfectly in all ways needed; most of all the test of time. Our equipment works as well today as the day we installed the project. It has allowed us to get creative with raising our ducks to be commercial layers and will be our choice when we need to grow our flock.”

K. R., Duck Duck Eggs

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