AgSpeak – Fall 2018

AgSpeak – Fall 2018

VAL-CO offers top quality products for animal protein production, but we are about more than just equipment. We also offer knowledge, expertise, and innovation in the field. And because both great products and great operators are required for outstanding performance, we are always striving to share our know-how with the people who choose us.

We work to develop industry experts throughout our company. By asking our people to continually learn and grow, we foster a culture of constant improvement in products, services, and support. Through training events, white papers, blogs, and publications like AgSpeak, VAL-CO shows its commitment to helping dealers, growers, and integrators succeed through access to the latest information.

Our sales, tech support, and engineering teams are in the field daily, sharing knowledge to help growers raise the best livestock. We partner with other industry specialists and offer our support to the newest additions to the industry – students and young leaders.

We are sharing more than just our own expertise in this issue. You will also hear from heating specialists at Roberts Gordon.

VAL-CO is committed to bringing you both the best products and the information you need to succeed.


Phil Risser
President & CEO
Valco Companies, Inc.


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