Ventra Pro Controller

Ventra Pro Controller

ventra pro controller

The Ventra Pro Controller makes ventilation control a snap with one-touch access to pertinent information such as water usage, daily temps, and feeder run times. The controller helps monitor costs by tracking propane usage, uses plugin relays for easy serviceability, and reduces electrical interference with wire rerouting. The easy English-Spanish toggle means anyone can use this control, so your barns are always perfectly comfortable.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick house updates with one-touch access
  • Track propane usage
  • Plugin relays make for easy serviceability
  • Wire rerouting reduces electrical interference
  • Easy toggle between English and Spanish

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“In 2008, I added new barns with Ventra Pro controllers. The controller’s features and performance, combined with a great manufacturer and installation support system, convinced me to retrofit my existing barns as well. The technology is there, the service is good, and I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Matt Moeller, M & K Farms


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