Tips for Organic Bird Operations

Tips for Organic Bird Operations

Organic chicken has gained popularity over the last few years for consumers. The grain that the feed is made from comes from certified organic farmland which follows strict guidelines on growing grain, such as how and what can be put on the fields for fertilizer and weed prevention.  These fields take years to become certified organic.

Integrator also have strict guidelines on what can be put in the feed for coccidiosis control. Many are using a vaccine on day one at the hatchery when the birds are processed, before they are taken to the farm.  There are also guidelines for what can be used inside the house for disinfection, darkling beetle control, and ammonia reduction, as well.  The out times between flocks are typically a little longer than conventional raised birds to help offset some of these hurdles.  As you can see, with these strict guidelines it can be a little tougher to get birds to perform if you don’t stay on top of your management game.  I have compiled some bullet points that could help you achieve better performance for your organic bird.


In closing, these tips could be used on any bird operation, but I feel these are key tips if followed for your organic program will definitely help boost performance.

Jacob Caviness
Territory Sales Manager


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