The VAL-CO Training Program

The VAL-CO Training Program offers on-site installation and maintenance training to dealers, integrators, and farmers alike. Each program is different and will be tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Training program sessions combine classroom style discussions with on-site, hands-on experience to deliver the most robust learning experience.


Classroom Discussion

On-Farm Training

The Training Barn

The VAL-CO Training Barn is a fully-equipped scaled replica of a modern poultry shed. The training barn is used to test product installation and performance in the field. Ideal for dealers and installers, we’ll show you how each piece of VAL-CO equipment is assembled, as well as cover common troubleshooting questions and procedures.


VAL-CO Training Programs are run by our Training Specialist and the Tech Support Team. You’ll take home free, useful, applicable information to simplify and improve your farming practice.


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