The V-Fan

The V-Fan



The VAL-CO V-Fan is a variable speed, direct drive fan that provides higher total CFM at full speed as well as remarkably high CFM/Watt measurements at low speeds. During minimum ventilation, it’s more efficient to use a 54” V-Fan running at low speed than a standard 36” fan running at full speed. A 54” V-Fan at 50% speed can move 13,400 CFM at .05” SP while achieving 53.8 CFM/Watt. That is more than a 300% increase in efficiency!

Features & Benefits

  • Delivers high CFM at top speeds
  • Provides high CFM/Watt at low speeds
  • Direct drive motor means less maintenance
  • Available in 1-Phase and 3-Phase, 200-230V input options.

Available sizes

  • 54″
  • 50″
  • 36″

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Loren was the first customer to purchase our new 54” V-Fan from Pals, one of our Gold Dealers in MN. Since the fan was installed back in May, he has been very pleased with the air flow and the energy efficiency he is seeing, even with the fan running at 100%. Overall, he stated the fan installation went well. Loren’s electrician did have a few questions but was able to reach out to our Technical Service team who provided a fast, thorough response. His reason for purchasing the fan was to maximize his air flow during the Summer months, and be able to utilize different fan scenarios during the Winter months. The energy efficiency of the fan was just an additional selling point. Loren is a returning Val-co customer, as he already has several of our 50” Hypermax, which he has been very happy with and he hopes that we come out with a V-Fan conversion kit soon.

Loren Brey
Turkey Breeder Producer

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The V-Fan