The IPPE Replacement

Normally this week of the year we would be wrapping up IPPE and we would be taking this time to showcase again all that we shared with you at the show.

But of course, this tradeshow season is a little different. since we couldn’t see you in Atlanta, we didn’t get to share with you so many of our novel new ideas. Instead, we’ll talk about them here, and as always, invite you to reach out to discuss them further.

What you missed

You may have heard recently that we’ve decided to cease manufacture of the Horizon Control. We’ll still support it best we can in the coming years, but parts availability put us in a tight place.

To replace the Horizon, we’ve partnered with Hotraco Controls to offer the North America poultry market world class automation. The Fortica Control can run our variable-speed V-Fans, control feeding and watering programs, and even egg collection and lighting schedules. Currently, it’s targeted towards cage-free layers, and broiler models are in the works. Learn more about the Fortica here.

The variable speed V-Fans are now available as 36” fans for your minimum vent needs. Additionally, they are also available as a Sable Fan – our black interior fiberglass fan. This means you get the most energy efficient ventilation possible while reducing the effects of light reflecting into the house.

Thanks to the pandemic, we couldn’t meet with you face to face. Instead, we created a series of webinars to share our expertise on feeding, watering, ventilation, cremators and more. Check them all out on our YouTube channel. If you have an idea while you’re there, drop us a comment.