Swine House Controllers

No modern farm system is complete without a controller to automate house systems. VAL-CO whole house controllers can run feed systems, control ventilation patterns, and monitor house temperatures to adjust heating and cooling requirements. Run variable speed fans, purge humidity, access house information remotely, and record and store data to review trends.

Ventra™ XT

The Ventra XT uses our most advanced logic to give you the best control in today’s modern barns.


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Ventra™ Pro

The Ventra Pro controller uses patented ventilation logic and variable speed channels for efficient climate control in any livestock application.


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Ventra™ Plus

The Ventra Plus by VAL-CO has all the power and capability of the Ventra Pro for use in smaller operations.


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A simple, robust family of controls available with up to 8 stages of heating and cooling.


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