Spring 2023

AgSpeak Magazine

Rising interest rates have made it more difficult for producers to justify investments to improve and grow. Higher interest rates mean that some investments that might have had an acceptable cash flow and payback in past years are no longer viable. But those facts do not mean that there are no wise investments to be made. The investments that still make sense are those with relatively fast paybacks. When payback can be achieved in three years, interest rates do not affect cash flow as they would with a seven-year payback.

For poultry and swine producers, that usually means upgrades still make sense even when new construction might not. Spending money on improving the equipment that waters, feeds, and ventilates animal production facilities can have very fast paybacks. Being selective in choosing which investments to pursue is the key to success. VAL-CO products are designed and built to provide the value and improved animal performance that will reward producers with higher profitability.

VAL-CO products will pay off by helping you finish on top!