Protecting On-Farm Worker Safety

Farming is recognized as one of the most dangerous professions in the U.S. Because many farms are small farms and employ fewer than 10 people, farm safety is mostly unregulated.

Farm hazards range from respiratory hazards created by dust and gases, exposure to chemicals like pesticides and cleaners, UV radiation from sun exposure, and illnesses from contact with bacterial and viral pathogens.

Farm safety is a set of proactive measures implemented to reduce physical risk. Such processes protect the well-being of farm workers. Implement, adhere to, and enforce safety measures to create a culture of safety.

Below are some suggestions to consider for your farm safety plan:







Farm accidents can come at a steep price. Illnesses, injuries, and fatalities can affect entire families and come at far more than just a financial cost. Regular safety training and scheduled risk assessments can help farmers avoid serious or fatal accidents and reduce income lost to accidents.


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