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Pan Feeders FUZE® ProLine™ Feeders – 6 models to choose from

The FUZE ProLine pan feeding system from VAL-CO has six pan/grill combinations so that you can find the perfect fit for your farm, but their uniform performance goes unmatched.

  • 3 large feed windows evenly flood the pan to give birds equal access to food from all sides
  • Increased material thickness prevents cracking
  • Polymer resin material won’t harbor bacteria, making these pans a dream to clean – just snap it open and hose it off!

All pan features work seamlessly together to ensure your birds get the optimal feed conversion and reach consistent weights across the flock. Read more below!

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Chick Feeders Ultra Start Chick Feeder

Experience the ease of chick feeding with the UltraStart Chick Feeder!

  • Accommodate up to 30 chicks that are 1 to 12 days old.
  • Kidney shape allows the feeder to fit comfortably between pans to provide more feeding space for small birds.
  • Place along feed line to fill automatically, or remotely to fill by hand.

The UltraStart comes with additional accessories:

  • Fill less often with the extended hopper that doubles the feeder volume.
  • A clip kit allows the feeder to be stored on the feed line
  • Prevent the pain of repetitive bending with the No-Stoop Handle.

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Clean Start™ Chick Feeder

The Clean Start chick feeder kit is easily installed and is less expensive than other automatic solutions. Simply snap the sturdy plastic pieces together around the feed pipe. You can easily adjust the extender for your needed amount of feed and for height from the floor.

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Best Start™ II Chick Feeder

The new Best Start II chick feeder is comprised of the basic feeder and optional extension sleeve. The feeder and extension sleeve feature rugged, non-corrosive polymer construction. The fold-away shut-off design minimizes the chance of breakage by catch crews and winching systems. The feeder comes pre-assembled for installer convenience and fits virtually any style of feeder tube.

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Best Start I Chick Feeder

The Best Start I Chick Feeder has the biggest crown extension and does the widest pattern for distributing feed for the chicks.

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Flat Chain Feeding

Our flat chain feeding system saves time, labor and feed and is available for suspended or floor applications. Our adjustable feed gate and remix wheel keeps the right amount of fresh feed in the trough at all times. The chain feeder grill is available in 3 styles: Standard, Hi-Pro and Hi-V. It is easy to install and manage—and with our wide variety of components, we can meet practically every system requirement.

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PXR™ Rooster Pan Feeder

The PXR pan feeder is designed for rigid mounting to the feed auger tube. The pan, drop tube and feed level tube are all poly construction. Featuring a snap-on/snap-off feature and a feed-saver flange. Choose either plastic or wire grill.

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PX2 Pullet Pan Feeder

The PX2 pan feeder is tough enough to withstand pullets with aggressive feeding habits. Has an easily adjusted feed level tube – just rotate the tube to any one of eight snap-lock settings you desire. Partitions built into the tube reduce waste and allow easy entry and exit for even the smallest birds. The PX2 is self-leveling, has an extra high pan cone, feed-saver flange and easy snap-on/off feature.

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PTF Turkey Pan Feeder

The PTF turkey pan feeder is designed for optimal eating comfort. It reduces bird injuries and improves meat quality by ensuring birds always have access to just the right amount of food.

  • The larger canopy allows more head room to reduce injuries;
  • The self-leveling pan swings to reduce breast bruising;
  • The even pan flooding means birds have 360° access to food;
  • The winchable adjustment makes it easy to keep the pan at just the right height while birds grow.

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PXP Turkey Starter Feeder

The PXP Turkey Starter Feeder has a 13″ diameter and 8 feeding positions to make sure your poults are getting the right amount of food at every stage of growout. The heavy-duty plastic grill snaps on to create a feed saver lip around the pan that reduces spilled food and feeding costs. A single winch adjusts all the pans on the feed line to make management simple. Can be used on either smooth tube or ribbed tube.

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Chain Disk Feed Delivery System

The VAL-CO Chain Disk Feed System is constructed of a 304 stainless steel drive unit with up to 900 feet of chain that delivers feed at a rate of up to 50 pounds per minute.

  • Chain tension is automatically adjusted by a spring-loaded tensioning wheel;
  • Disk breakage is reduced by shock absorbing teeth on the drive wheel;
  • System corners can turn 180° in a 24-inch space and can be installed horizontally or vertically;
  • Self-cleaning cast metal wheels guide the chain through corners.

Watch feed as it’s delivered through clear PVC feedline tubes. Standard white PVC tubes are also available. Shutoffs can be adapted with actuators for automated multi-ration feeding systems.

Chain Disk Feeding System Video

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Volume Drop_Edited REV-Pig

Model 770 Volume Feed Drop

The Sure-Drop Model 770 Series Volumetric Feed Drop is an all-plastic feed drop that can easily be installed, even on existing auger lines.

  • Quickly read feed level and delivery settings through the translucent body with calibration marks;
  • Easily adjust individual rations and delivery settings with the durable side handle;
  • The built-in cable retainers maintain cable alignment while roller pulleys reduce resistance to extend the cable life of the pull cord.

The system’s proximity switch stops the fill system after all the drops are filled to their pre-set volumes and an automated control releases feed from all drops simultaneously. An animal identification clip is included.