Preparing Swine Barns for Spring

Spring brings new life to swine barns, but it can also bring new challenges. Long, tough winters can wreak havoc on equipment and buildings, creating problems that often only emerge with the spring thaw. That’s why it’s important to pay special attention to your barns as things warm up. Being vigilant in your maintenance will prevent disease, mortality, and boost productivity as you’re prepared to tackle any challenges that come your way.

We’ve looked over some integrators’ spring checklist and compiled this list of the biggest points you should cover when preparing for warm weather.






-Are all temperature probes functioning and within a few degrees of each other?

-Do curtains open and close completely? Are curtains free of holes?

-Has the curtain machine been greased and serviced?

-Controllers work and have no defects?

-All fans work and respond to the controller.

-Test alarm system to ensure operation and that it dials out

-Check setting and operation of back up thermostats

-Remove any winter fan doors and check fan breakers and disconnects


-Water meters, pressure gauges, and regulators are installed and working?

-Water is available in 100% of the pens?

-All pens receive appropriate water flow?



-No visible damage to the feed bins? (Rust, dents, holes, etc.)

-No cracks or leaks in feed line?

-Feeders are in good working condition?


Loading Area:

-Lights are in place and working for chute?

-Load area is free of debris?



-Integrity of building has been maintained?

-Rust has been removed or replaced both inside and outside of barn

-Ceiling and roof intact

-Inspect floor and repair damage

-Gates are secure and free of hazards