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Heat-Rite™ Radiant Brooders

VAL-CO Radiant Brooders use infrared heating technology to quickly and efficiently warm the floor and birds rather than wasting heat on the air above the brooding area.

  • Always lights with patent-pending horizontal pilots and surround-shield protection.
  • The unique horizontal pilot allows the brooder to stay lit with less gas.
  • 34″ (86 cm) canopy and 40,000 BTU/Hr (10,100 k/cal).

Uses liquid propane or natural gas. Ignition options include the horizontal pilot, vertical pilot, or pilot-free direct spark.

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Heat-Rite™ ES – Single and U-Tube

The Heat-Rite ES tube heater is an economical unitary infrared heater. It produces a comfortable, even heat pattern throughout the space improving livestock performance while reducing fuel consumption. The wide-pattern reflector increases the radiant spread for even heating. The sealed control housing with durable components provides long lasting performance and low maintenance.

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Heat-Rite™ VM Modulating Tube Heat

Modulation controls the burn and blower rate for maximum efficiency. By controlling both fuel and combustion air, modulating tube heaters balance radiant and thermal heat to produce the precise temperature you want. Flexible design options and a broad range of burner sizes and tube lengths are available. Natural gas or liquid propane styles are available.

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