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Broiler Pan Feeders FUZE® ProLine™ Feeders – 6 models to choose from

The FUZE ProLine pan feeding system from VAL-CO has six pan/grill combinations so that you can find the perfect fit for your farm, so you get uniform weights across every broiler flock.

  • 3 large feed windows evenly flood the pan to give birds equal access to food from all sides
  • Increased material thickness prevents cracking
  • Polymer resin material won’t harbor bacteria, making these pans a dream to clean – just snap it open and hose it off!

All pan features work seamlessly together to ensure your birds get the optimal feed conversion, and it’s been proven in feed trials. Read more below!

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Pick the FUZE Feeder that is perfect for you

  13-spoke-standard-thumbnail 13-spoke-shallow-thumbnail 14-spoke-standard-thumbnail 14-spoke-shallow-thumbnail 5-spoke-standard-thumbnail 5-spoke-shallow-thumbnail  
Pan Diameter 13" 13" 14" 14" 14" 14"
Grill Spokes 13 Spoke 13 Spoke 14 Spoke 14 Spoke 5 Spoke 5 Spoke
Pan Depth Standard Shallow Standard Shallow Standard Shallow
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broiler feeding chick feeder

Broiler Chick Feeders Ultra Start Chick Feeder

Experience the ease of chick feeding with the UltraStart Chick Feeder!

  • Accommodate up to 30 chicks that are 1 to 12 days old.
  • Kidney shape allows the feeder to fit comfortably between pans to provide more feeding space for small birds.
  • Place along feed line to fill automatically, or remotely to fill by hand.

The UltraStart comes with additional accessories:

  • Fill less often with the extended hopper that doubles the feeder volume.
  • A clip kit allows the feeder to be stored on the feed line
  • Prevent the pain of repetitive bending with the No-Stoop Handle.

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broiler feeding chick feeder

Clean Start™ Chick Feeder

The Clean Start chick feeder kit is easily installed and is less expensive than other automatic solutions. Simply snap the sturdy plastic pieces together around the feed pipe. You can easily adjust the extender for your needed amount of feed and for height from the floor.

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broiler feeding chick feeder

Best Start™ II Chick Feeder

The new Best Start II chick feeder is comprised of the basic feeder and optional extension sleeve. The feeder and extension sleeve feature rugged, non-corrosive polymer construction. The fold-away shut-off design minimizes the chance of breakage by catch crews and winching systems. The feeder comes pre-assembled for installer convenience and fits virtually any style of feeder tube.

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broiler feeding chick feeder

Best Start I Chick Feeder

The Best Start I Chick Feeder has the biggest crown extension and does the widest pattern for distributing feed for the chicks.

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