Broiler Farm Biosecurity

Biosecurity is the protection of health through avoidance of disease. More broadly, this includes the implementation of measures that reduce the risk of the introduction and spread of disease agents. Biosecurity comes in two different forms, bio-exclusion and bio-containment. Bio-exclusion is external biosecurity that combines all activities that prevent the introduction of disease to a farm, whereas bio-containment is internal biosecurity comprised of efforts to prevent the spread of a disease within the farm and to other farms. All biosecurity has three main goals, isolation, sanitation, and traffic control, and three steps for achieving them, segregation, cleaning, and disinfection.

VAL-CO Biosecurity systems work to neutralize contaminants before they enter the farm. Disinfectant delivery systems kill pathogens on entering and exiting the facility. Ideally, disinfection should occur shortly after cleaning, by means of application of an agent that will destroy bacteria and viruses directly to clean surfaces. Cremator systems are used to eliminate pathogens from livestock and contain any illnesses to the farm.


Sentry™ Disinfectant Delivery Systems

Do all you can to to help prevent entry of harmful disease to your farm. The Sentry Disinfectant System washes vehicles upon entry to kill bacteria and viruses before they enter your property.

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Burn Mizer™ Cremators

Save time and stress by safely transforming mortality into ash. Burn Mizer cremators by VAL-CO destroy disease and reduce odor quickly and easily.


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