Nest Pad Replacement Program

Nest Pad Replacement Program

Replacing your worn out nest pads with new VAL-CO Astroturf™ Nest pads can drive better hatchability and return on investment. The high-quality construction results in cleaner eggs with fewer cracks. The 20mm tall blades allow manure to fall away from the surface of the pad for cleaner eggs. The real grass feel of the pads encourages hens to lay in the nests rather than on the floor for better performance.

Six Reason to Replace your Pads

  1. Reduced floor eggs
  2. Fewer toe checks & cracked eggs
  3. Cleaner eggs
  4. Improved hatchability
  5. Easier to clean
  6. ROI possible in less than one year


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PADPROMO21.2 Nest Pad Promotion Sept 2021