Manage Farm Stress Using Mindfulness

mindfulness farmingI don’t have to tell you that a life in agriculture is not always an easy one. Mornings are early. Nights are late. The work is dirty, often thankless. You’re a nutritionist. A veterinarian. An accountant. A mechanic. An electrician. A maid. And some days, nothing seems to go right.

But it’s ok. You’ve got this. Breathe – once – twice – a third time. Studies have shown that this simple act of Conscious Mindfulness helps you focus, de-stress, and bring greater clarity to your tasks.

When you find yourself wrapped up in the heat of frustration, you cannot do your best work. So often we are distracted and overwhelmed by all that seems to be going wrong. And then more goes wrong.

Practicing Mindfulness, like the breathing exercise, allows us to see solutions. It creates space for anger and frustration. It shows us everything we have to appreciate in the small moments of our day-to-day.

Taking the time to step back and focus, mindfully, hits a reset button on our current situation, and practiced over time has been proven to lead to the following benefits:

It’s easy to incorporate Mindfulness into your daily routine. I’ll tell you how.

Before getting out of bed, lie still for a moment. Take 3 long, deep breaths. Pause for a moment between the inhale and exhale. Try not to fall back to sleep.

Before getting out of your truck at the farm, take 3 more long, deep breaths. Find something to be thankful for.

Repeat this process as needed throughout the day (like before the catch crew shows up). You can’t stop the stressors from popping up, but you can stop them from stressing you out.

Happy farming.