Local Hog Shows Shape 2018 Swine Industry Outlook

We like to kick off each year by participating in the many of trade shows and expositions going on across the country, specifically the swine shows throughout the Midwest. From Missouri to South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa…wherever the pigs are, so are we.

These shows give us the opportunity to connect with producers, integrators, and Pork Alliance members across the Midwest. With so many shows scheduled so close together (and in some of the largest pig producing states), we can really get a feel for how the pork industry is shaping up for the year.

There’s been an emerging trend of independent producers and integrators coming into the swine industry. These new independent companies encourage the competitiveness that drives the market while still valuing clean meat and animal wellbeing. The new businesses, technologies, and products that surface at the trade shows create the landscape of the future of pig farming.

Trade concerns, swine health, and biosecurity still weigh heavily on producers’ minds, but their general outlook is positive. Many producers are building new sites or remodeling existing ones. There has been notable expansion of swine production in South Dakota over the past few years, and their Pork Congress has expanded in kind. As integrators are starting to look outside of their normal locations, we’re also seeing a boom of new constructions across Nebraska and Kansas.

These shows help us to connect with the people in the industry who haven’t yet heard of us, or thought we only had a few things to offer. We appreciate the opportunities these shows offer – to meet new people, make new connections, and form new relationships. We can’t wait to see what opportunities lie ahead as the year progresses.