Jobsite Safety During Installation

Any jobsite where a construction project is in process is a dangerous site.   It may appear from a distance that there are minimal dangers, but all jobsites are unique and present their own challenges and safety hazards. Unlike in a controlled environment, like a manufacturing plant or an office, jobsite conditions are constantly changing every day.  The top priority of every construction company should be to protect their workers from injuries and ensure everyone makes it home safe at the end of each shift.

The safety concerns at the beginning of the project will be different than the concerns towards the finish of the project, as new hazards and safety concerns pop up as construction progresses.  Many of the safety challenges occur during the duration of the project.

It’s easy to provide a safe working environment for your crews. With some planning and preparation, creating a safer jobsite can be easily incorporated into your preconstruction planning process and duplicated on all future projects. Take these steps to bolster your company’s safety culture and promote your commitment to providing a safe jobsite on every project.

Stage the site for safety

You already stage your construction site for things like material delivery and equipment storage. Why not take it a step further and stage your jobsite for safety. Designate areas for specific trades or tasks near where the work is taking place. Be sure to include space for storing materials, tools, first aid supplies, and PPE so workers don’t have to search all over the jobsite to get the things they need to perform their work safely and efficiently.

Provide a safety briefing

Before you allow your workers or subcontractors on the jobsite, make sure they have received comprehensive safety training and have retained the knowledge to properly work safely. Reinforce safety training and promote awareness of the risks and hazards on the jobsite by holding safety meetings and toolbox talks.

Hold a safety kickoff meeting before the start of each project and at the beginning of each major construction phase. Set expectations for what is required of each worker in terms of safe working practices, proper use of PPE, and how to report accidents or unsafe working conditions.

Toolbox talks can be held at the start of each day. Focus on the tasks being performed each day and known or possible hazards that workers should be aware of. Engage workers by asking questions regarding safe working methods and address any questions or concerns. This is a great time to have each worker inspect their tools and PPE to ensure everything fits properly, is free of damage, and is in good working order.

These are some excellent and proven methods to help ensure your employees return home every night.  Safety is not just a jobsite foreman’s concern; it is everybody’s concern on the jobsite to provide a safe working environment.


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