Is your farm on “ALERT STATUS”?


The current high-alert status within our country right now makes me think about how farms often go without being on “Alert” for signaling troubles before it’s too late.  Alarm systems are essential for keeping your poultry houses safe and are yet another step in preventing major losses.

I’ve seen alarms turned off on controllers and never returned to the “On” position. Whether the alarm was left off by accident or deliberately, the farm remains defenseless. When trouble strikes, that disabled alarm can’t do its job of warning you of a problem that could be catastrophic.

Some houses have alarm boxes which contain “back-up” batteries to sound the siren alarm when power is lost to the farm.  Testing the alarm is one way of knowing the back-up batteries are good and indeed providing a signal to trigger. Unplug the power supply and push the test button.  If the siren doesn’t react, your battery needs to be replaced.  When finished testing your back-up battery condition, remember to plug your main power supply back in.

Generators are always expected to be on full alert status, but these can’t power up and work as intended to save a house of chickens if the battery can’t supply enough cranking amps to start the generator.  It’s always a good idea to test, charge, or exchange these batteries out once a year for piece of mind and a cheap insurance policy to prevent what could be a major loss of chickens and income.


VAL-CO and its dealer network carry a full line of available Agri-Alert Alarms and accessories to help you prevent these issues and potential losses from occurring.  Contact your nearby authorized VAL-CO dealer today for assistance with updating your alarm systems so that your farms can be and will continue to be on “Alert Status”.


Haven Wheless
Territory Sales Manager


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