IPPE 2020: New Product Showcase

The 2020 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) was held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia last week. The show had an astonishing 573,000 square feet of exhibit space occupied by 1,376 exhibitors. Approximately 30,000 people from all around the globe flew in to take part in educational seminars, visit with vendors, and explore the new technologies coming to the poultry, meat, processing, and feed production industries this year.

Among those new technologies are our own V-Fan™, Evolve™ pullet floor, and BridgeBuster™ anti-bridging device. If you missed us at the show, check them out below!


The VAL-CO V-Fan™

VAL-CO has stepped up to help achieve the ideal environment with the introduction of the versatile, highly efficient, variable speed V-Fan. Older-style variable speed fans would become less efficient when running slowly due to the need to regulate the voltage, thereby lowering the CFM/Watt. The V-Fan motor is a VFD-driven, PMAC motor that yields greater efficiency, allowing the V-Fan to deliver up to 35,000 CFM at top speeds and provide up to 56.4 CFM/Watt at low speeds. The fan is direct drive – no belts to maintain or bearings to grease. The VFD is mounted directly on the fan and pre-tuned at the factory.

Evolve™ pullet jump floor

The Evolve is a slatted floor system for use in pullet farms. The floor is capable of being raised up to a max of 18″ off of the floor. It allows pullets the opportunity to learn to jump between levels, effectively training them for life in an aviary barn.

BridgeBuster™ anti-bridging device

The BridgeBuster anti-bridging devide attaches directly to one bin leg. A motor slowly raises one leg a fraction of an inch before dropping it to create a steady vibration throughout the bin. The remaining legs have rubber, shock-absorbing bases to keep the frame steady. The devide runs only when the auger is turned, and eliminates the need to bang on the bin with hammers and mallets to get feed flowing!


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