IPPE 2018 New Product Showcase

If you missed us at IPPE 2018, then you also missed all of the new products that we had on display this year. Worry not, my friends, we’re here to highlight our hottest products for 2018. Interested and want to learn more? Contact us directly, contact your local sale rep, or contact your nearest dealer.

Aqua-V™ PFA

In 2017, we introduced the newest addition to our line of drinkers – the Aqua-V. It was developed for the layer industry and is ideal for convertible or aviary systems. This year, we introduced the Aqua-V PFA drinkers.

The PFA – or Precision Feather Action – triggers with less force, making it great for hatchery beak-treated pullets. Both models are available in standard and hi-flow variants.





Aurora IR™ Brooder

This brooder was designed to offer more clearance in the house, but still deliver a wide, even heat spread.

The Aurora IR total profile falls just short of 11” total, and it ships fully assembled to make installation a breeze. Enjoy all the warmth of our standard brooder when growing chicks, and all the headroom in between flocks.





ATLAS™ Curtain Machine

The ATLAS curtain machine is the toughest in the industry.

It easily lifts up to 4000 pounds (we tested it with a tractor) and is loaded with safety measures to keep it running smoothly for years. It’s designed to weather the elements, with an optional weather guard available for the harshest conditions.





48” Directional Hemisphere™ Mixing Fan

The Directional Hemisphere is designed to work in conjunction with sidewall inlets to mix incoming air with house air, reducing temperature stratification and improving heating efficiency.

Ideal for today’s extra-wide houses, it’s great in layer pullet, layer, and floor bird applications. Growers report improved manure belt moisture removal, improved feed conversion, and less temperature stratification.




VLV Plus™ Aviary System

As the exclusive US dealer of Valli Laying Equipment, we have the pleasure of introducing their newest aviary system, the VLV Plus. It provides the optimal ratios of usable bird space and perch availability based on EU regulations.

The nest is designed for quick inspection and can easily be removed for cleaning and maintenance. All Valli systems come outfitted with VAL-CO watering lines and flat chain feeding systems.


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