Hog Drinkers

Hog Drinkers

hog drinkers

VAL-CO Hog Drinkers are suitable for any age pig, from piglets through finishers. Hog drinker cups are made with 304 grade stainless steel and have seamless cup edges so they are easy to clean and don’t cause injury. The welded oversize pipe thread eliminates leaks, making this the most efficient swine watering system.

Features & Benefits

  • Made with 304 grade stainless steel
  • Welded oversize pipe thread eliminates leaks
  • Seamless cup edges are easy to clean with no sharp edges


  • Nursery
  • Wean to Finish
  • Finish

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Type of Drinker Pig Size Pigs Per Drinker
Wean-Finish Cup 13-275 Pounds 15-25
Nursery Cup Piglet 12 Max
24" Swinger Piper 13-275 Pounds 20-30
36" Swinger Pipe 13-275 20-30
Bite Nipple 13-275 10-15