FUZE ProLine Pan Feeders

FUZE ProLine Pan Feeders

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The FUZE ProLine pan feeding system regularly outperforms other poultry feeders in feed trials. Its 6 pan/grill combinations let you choose the one that is best suited for your application. The FUZE floods evenly for easy bird access to feed, swings open for quick cleaning, and is made of a stronger, lighter plastic to make poultry feeding a snap.

Features & Benefits

  • 6 pan/grill combinations to find the perfect fit for your flock
  • 3 large feed windows evenly flood the pan to give birds equal access to feed from all sides
  • Increased material thickness prevents cracking
  • Polymer resin material is a dream to clean – just snap the pan open and hose it off!

Proven to result in great feed conversion and birds weights when properly managed.

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“Choosing VAL-CO was a no-brainer. I saw feed trial after feed trial of the VAL-CO FUZE ProLine feeder outperforming the competition. I just wouldn’t consider anything else.”

Bryan Essex


“They’re the best feeder I ever used… and I’ve used probably 4 or 5 different feeders”

Marlin Beiler

Pick the FUZE Feeder that is perfect for you

13-spoke-standard-thumbnail 13-spoke-shallow-thumbnail 14-spoke-standard-thumbnail 14-spoke-shallow-thumbnail 5-spoke-standard-thumbnail 5-spoke-shallow-thumbnail
Pan Diameter 13" 13" 14" 14" 14" 14"
Grill Spokes 13 Spoke 13 Spoke 14 Spoke 14 Spoke 5 Spoke 5 Spoke
Pan Depth Standard Shallow Standard Shallow Standard Shallow
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