Creative Problem Solving for Frozen Feed

This week farmers across the countries endured possibly the worst thing about winter: bitter freezing cold. Some parts of the Midwest were colder than Antarctica. In Pennsylvania, it was in the negative double digits.

Frigid temps cause frozen everything, the worst of which might be frozen feed lines. And the worst thing about frozen feed lines (aside from the obvious inability to feed livestock) is that there is no one good way to solve the problem.

We have some creative solutions you can try, but first, why does feed freeze to begin with?

Three things cause frozen feed lines:

Creative problem solving:

As always, if you are opening anything up to work on a system make sure the power is off, locked-out and tagged-out properly.

Actually, lighting a fire under your feed bin seems fraught with peril – on second thought – don’t do that.

What are some other ways you handle frozen feed in the dead of winter?


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