Pullet Housing Systems


Baby Area Aviary Rearing System

The Baby Area Aviary System features lifting doors for easy access to the colony. All drinking lines are adjustable in height and feed is distributed via flat chain. All chicks start brooding on the first floor, providing the work force with easy inspection in the first weeks of age and less stress during cleaning and catching. A lifting platform with adjustable drinking line encourages the pullets to jump from the second week of age. The platform can be lifted from 10 cm. above the first floor up to the second floor. An adjustable perch above the feed trough minimizes feed wastage and prevents the birds from entering the trough. A folding outside rail and perch allows birds to move up and down from the floor. Also available in double-decker configuration.

Module Specs

Length: 118.5″ (3010mm)
53.8 sq. ft. (5 sq. m.) of usable area per linear meter of equipment.


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Baby Belt Convertible Systems

The Baby Belt Convertible Systems feature a folding front grid for converting into aviary systems. All drinking lines are adjustable in height and feed is supplied via flat chain inside the systems. A continuous perch above the feed trough minimizes feed spillage and prevents the pullets entering the feed trough. Height adjustment for the perch is available upon request. Optional PVC air duct under floors. Dimmable LED tube lights inside systems. Available in multi-tier configurations.

Module Specs

Height: 39.4″ (1000 mm)
Depth: 31.5″ (800 mm)
Length: 78.9″ (2004 mm)


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Baby Belt Models

Optional air ducts and optional cat walks for systems with 6 or more tiers. A winching system allows the water line to be raised or lowered across the entire tier in relation to pullet growth. Come standard with VAL-CO nipple drinkers. Feeding options include VAL-CO Flat Chain feeding or a traveling hopper.

Module Specs:

Height: 15″
Depth: 15-18″ depending on feed trough or number of pullets