Horizon® Whole House Controller

The Horizon Controller is the industry’s first touchscreen, remote capable controller.

  • Quickly assess house conditions on the large home screen;
  • Control virtually any barn configuration with multiple programs and multiple zones;
  • Work from anywhere with remote access available on any PC or cell phone.

The controller is both water and dust tight for protection indoors and outdoors.

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Ventra™ Pro

The Ventra Pro controller uses patented ventilation logic to ensure the comfort of your livestock at all times. Choose from 16, 24, or 32 output channels and 2 or 4 variable-speed channels.

  • Quick house updates with one-touch access to pertinent info such as water usage, daily high/low temps, and feeder run times;
  • Monitor costs by tracking propane usage;
  • Plugin relays make for easy serviceability;
  • Wire rerouting reduces electrical interference;
  • Easily toggle between English and Spanish.

The multiple channel outputs and optional variable speed makes the Ventra Pro great for both poultry and swine operations.

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Ventra™ Plus

The Ventra Plus by VAL-CO has all the power and capability of the Ventra Pro in a smaller package. It offers 12 output channels with optional variable-speed channels making it great for smaller operations.

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A simple, robust family of controls available with up to 8 stages of heating and cooling.

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