BIOSECURITY – It’s not just for livestock


Let’s start by understanding what Biosecurity is. Bio meaning life and security meaning to protect, so the definition of the word Biosecurity would mean to protect life. This word has been common in most all livestock producer’s vocabulary for 30 plus years. We, as livestock producers and equipment providers, understand the importance of protecting our way of life.  Without the health of our livestock we recognize financial implications, animal well-being and more importantly the impact of not being able to provide an essential protein source for mankind to survive as well as thrive. So, as we face 0ur planets modern concern with the COVID-19 having over 290,000 confirmed cases in 187 countries (at this time), I feel it’s important to bring light to the fact that livestock producer’s have been on the forefront of addressing similar life threatening issues over the past three decades.

Not a new paradigm

With these potentially deadly exposures, the livestock industry uses PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and other measures, including reduced cross trafficking (social isolation) to combat these health challenges (does that sound familiar given today conditions?). Fortunately for livestock, they don’t travel extensively, don’t mix in large groups as often as people do and can be readily isolated. Four months ago, we wouldn’t think twice about shaking hands. Today, the paradigm has changed since the disease outbreak has affect us, instead of our livestock. It’s interesting to me to see people respond in a manner of panic when we in the livestock industry have been using extensive protection measures for years.

Just like the livestock industry has embraced biosecurity, we as society need to follow those same efforts. Follow the guide lines put into place by local and national authorities, wash your hands, and disinfect routinely to make a safer environment for us all.

Be Safe and God Bless.


Boyd RIce
Territory Sales Manager – Swine


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