Automated feeding systems can substantially improve productivity and economic return.

Fish farms and hatcheries that cultivate a variety of fish also use a variety of feeds and feed sizes. Automated feed storage and delivery systems can be designed to deliver the optimal amount of feed at the right time. That way, hatcheries can optimize the feed conversion rate, making the operation less dependent on labor while maintaining uniform growth in the tanks.

In addition to optimizing feeding schedules, disease risk from cross contamination is restricted by the limited access to feeding tanks. Better overall health is better for overall production.






Feed Storage Bins 6′, 7′, 9′, 12′

VAL-CO bulk storage bins are sturdy, durable, and the best in the business.


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Flexible Augers Low, Standard, and High Volume

The VAL-CO Flexible Augers are used to convey dry ground feed and crumble type mash with variable moisture content and particle size.


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Bin Accessories Boots

Choose from single 30°, single straight, or double straight poly upper boot transition. Lower boots are available for single, double, or twin directional installations. All boots have a handy clean-out door.

Poly Drop Outlets

Three sizes are available with shutoffs and a variety of options to meet most any requirement.


Mechanical and electronic switched offer reliable system control and the maximum run timers helps protect against feed wastage.

Discharge Heads

Option of pre-wired or water resistant. They are available in single- or double-line and are a strong platform for gear or belt drive.


BinTrac® Inventory Monitoring

The BinTrac inventory monitoring system tracks the real-time inventory of your feed by the weight of the bin.


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Chain Disk Feed Delivery System

The VAL-CO Chain Disk Feed System quickly distributes feed to livestock.


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The V-Fan 

VAL-CO V-Fans provide higher total CFM at full speed as well as remarkably high CFM/Watt measurements at low speeds.


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P1050379 54 in FG Fan

HyperMAX™ Fiberglass Fans 

VAL-CO HyperMAX Fiberglass fans offer the best CFM per watt of power paired with corrosion-resistant fiberglass housing.


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HyperMAX Galvanized Fan

HyperMAX Galvanized Fans 

Rugged, high-performance fans built to last.


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