AgSpeak – Spring 2017

AgSpeak – Spring 2017 

The quest for adequate biosecurity procedures is a top priority for every level of the animal protein supply chain. Proper signage and vigilance at the barn to protect against unwanted visitors, proper building maintenance to protect against disease carriers, and prudent use of disinfection materials all play a part in limiting the possibility of a disease outbreak. Equipment manufacturers have a role to play as well.

At VAL-CO, we have had strict biosecurity procedures in place since 2011. We take consistent measures to assure that product that has left the factory cannot come into contact with new products. When any product must be returned for examination or credit, it goes to a specially outfitted Biosecurity Room. The shipping package is not opened until it is inside the room and all personnel entering the room suit up in disposable PPE (bio-suit, gloves, boots, and hairnet) before entry. Most product is evaluated inside the Biosecurity Toom and disposed of in sealed packages.

If product must leave the Biosecurity Room, it is disassembled as needed, washed, and fully disinfected before further analysis. Personnel dispose of the PPE prior to exit and disinfect hands and shoes.

VAL-CO is determined to do our part as an equipment manufacturer to assure that biosecurity procedures in the industry limit the chances of a disease outbreak. We encourage all segments of the supply chain to remain vigilant and resolute in efforts to promote biosecurity.


Phil Risser
President & CEO
Valco Companies, Inc.


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