AgSpeak Magazine – Volume 4 Issue 2

AgSpeak Magazine – Volume 4 Issue 2

The most successful technologies are those that help us respond quickly. The old saying that “the only constant is change” might
be cliché, but if we don’t adapt to changes in our markets, the products we produce will not be in demand. This is true for poultry
farmers, pig farmers, duck or egg farmers, and indeed everyone who helps to feed our world.

The success of our customers is firmly rooted in how well we help them cope with a changing production landscape. Rising energy
costs have made energy efficiency more important than ever, and the new VAL-CO V-Fan™ addresses this need with state-of-the-art technology and our legendary fan reliability.

As the protein production market changes, so do requirements for equipment maintenance and care. The move to antibiotic-free
protocols continues to overhaul the way we produce meat and we must stay ahead of production challenges as they develop.
An increased use of water additives has resulted in increased water line concerns, so we’ve outlined some practices to help you test, treat, and maintain a healthy water supply.

When new technology is paired with our dedication to product performance, the result is equipment that helps you finish on top.
Our Grower Spotlight in this issue highlights the success that VAL-CO equipment can provide by detailing the experience
of Rodney and Kim Tarlton of North Carolina.

VAL-CO is here to help you finish on top in 2020, too!

Phil Risser
President & CEO
Valco Industries, Inc.

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