AgSpeak Magazine – Spring 2019

AgSpeak Magazine – Spring 2019

The strongest possible commitment to customer support drives nearly everything we do at VAL-CO. In this issue of AgSpeak, you will read about how we support our customers with training on the proper use and maintenance of our equipment. Our Tech Support team is available by phone 24/7 but is also hands-on and corrects issues right on the farm. A good example is our support of Jay Goodman who is in this issue’s Grower Spotlight.

We support our customers with innovative products that solve new challenges arising from changes in our industry. For instance, our unique solution for cage-free layer ventilation utilizes positive pressure in an ideal manner. Using VAL-CO’s patented Hemisphere® Mixing Fan, growers are now able to keep uniform temperatures in barns with outside access doors, even in frigid temperatures. This new technology is described on Page 7. Our customers need the latest information and this issue provides it, with updates on the CSIA and precautions to be taken against African Swine Fever.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we back our VAL-CO dealers in their mission to support growers. Through product development, product support, and customer service, we are committed to supporting the best dealers in the industry. A new way that we are supporting our dealers’ customers is with a web store. Our dealers stock VAL-CO replacement parts, but now they are backed by the full factory inventory of spare parts easily accessible via the web.

Please take note of our 2019 Titanium Dealers highlighted on the back page of this issue. And stop in to visit your local VAL-CO dealer. Together, we are committed to providing you, our customer, the best possible support.

Phil Risser
President & CEO
Valco Companies, Inc.

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