VAL-CO® Begins Distribution of Valli Cages

Leading manufacturer announces they have begun distributing Valli Cage Systems, including Enriched/Enrichable Layer and Broiler Cages, throughout the U.S. market.

New Holland, PA, USA – September 30, 2014 – VAL-CO, a leading global manufacturer of high-quality systems for commercial poultry, pig and egg production, announced today that they have been appointed the exclusive distributor of high quality Valli cages for the U.S. market. The Valli enriched/enrichable layer cages and broiler cages will add to the VAL-CO line of industry leading ventilation, watering, feeding, and fogging systems. Together, VAL-CO and Valli will bring a new standard of excellence to the equipment and service needed for whole house equipment packages for layers, pullets, and broilers.

This unique combination of Valli cage experience and VAL-CO watering, feeding, and ventilation expertise will give the U.S. market a quality supplier with 15 years of enriched/enrichable cage design experience and over 50 years of cage watering, feeding, and ventilation experience.

Ken Risser, Director of Egg Industry Sales, said “This unique combination will position VAL-CO to deliver a high quality whole house equipment package that will lead the industry in value, be long lasting, and provide a very satisfying experience for the producer.”

Both VAL-CO and Valli look forward to this opportunity to combine their expertise for the long term benefit of their customers. The cages will be manufactured in Italy while the watering, feeding, and ventilation equipment will be manufactured in the U.S. to bring American producers the best value for egg production in the market.